I am a Believer

Having been a part of multiple discussions rather debates between Theists and Atheists, I concluded myself to be neither of them. I do not acknowledge the presence of mythical entities among ourselves, neither do I deny the science behind it. No, Don’t get me wrong. I am not questioning the rituals and customs to be followed in the name of religion. Would rather not, knowing the consequences that follows. Because let’s face it, watching a Woman get raped or a Man dying on the street silently is fine, but this is a touchy topic for us. You see what I did there! Ruled out any possibility to be called a Feminazi. (Damn! it’s getting really tricky to not offend someone or the other.)

Coming back to the point, I would prefer to be called a Believer. i.e. acknowledging the presence of sub-conscience power that’s within and is controlling our very being. The part of brain which isn’t accessible to us, However is the reason behind all the myths, magics and miracles of the world. The very reason behind the actions pertaining towards failure of a depressed person and at the same time the success of a self motivated optimistic one. The fact that people all over the world are gradually recognizing the power of meditation cannot be a mere coincidence.

As a human being, we tend towards a support system to go on in life. Be it Science or the myths to be believed. We need an assurance telling us the results will be fine. Some even call it Luck or the right positioning of Stars and Planets. Simply passing on the credit, while forgetting the Power within us that motivated and made us work in a way we thought is impossible. Believing in ourselves is what true faith is. Neither Science Nor Religion can stop a person to achieve the impossible. Had it been the case, none of the great minds would have succeeded in a way they did.

So, next time you see yourself in a fight between belief and facts,try and find that support system deep within and believe that YOU CAN.


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