Yes, I was born in 90’s

Yes, I am a 90’s kid. And trust me when I say it, it’s quite weird being me in 2017. I am in my mid 20’s and living away from my parents because it turns out I need money to buy stuff and the Monopoly ones don’t work anymore. It’s been almost 9 years since I learned how to Facebook, and I still freeze while answering the iconic question it asks me. What is on my mind anyway? I don’t think my “real” friends on Facebook want to know that. Unless they are really interested in what I am going to have in evening snack, dinner, late night snack, & off course Mid night snack or if they want to know my plans for the coming weekend which eventually I am going to cancel.
Being a 90’s born in today’s world is confusing AF (meaning of which I had to google and by that time it was already passé). Not knowing anything about adulting which is expected of 26-year-old me. Running away from responsibilities only to realize It’s too late. It’s too late to go home carefree and enjoy all the attention being given, because now I am not settled enough for my neighbours and relatives. And on top of that I have the audacity to ramble about my professional accomplishments. Birthdays are not fun either. Since it just adds another year to my already confusing age.
Being a 90’s kid in 2017 is ironic. I am independent financially However, spending those finances depends on a lot of other factors. I am all prepared for a vacation, but the pending work on my desk says otherwise. While most of my days start with motivated, go getter attitude towards work, there are days when I just want to cuddle in a blanket with my head on Mom’s lap while talking about anything and everything with her.
Being me is not easy, but I am still the best version of me till date.


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