Sneak Peak into a Leo’s Closet

Hola Everyone.
Since the day I decided about starting this blog, this particular topic has been on my mind. Hence, the fashionista in me couldn’t hold back and here it is.

“Driven by Desire to be Loved & Admired” are the exact words that sum up this zodiac. Leo being the creative, passionate and ambitious self they are, love being the center of attention. They are the life of every social gathering and love being around people.

To conclude about this sun sign, I can say “They dress to impress”

Leos love staying updated with the new trend and usually are pretty experimental when it comes to fashion sense. They don’t hold back while trying out something new and trust me when I say it, they can carry almost everything with utmost grace and elegance. They have a fondness for solid colors and usually prefers it over prints and patterns. However, this doesn’t stop them from filling their closet with vibrant colors and overly dramatic designs. Although flamboyant, Leos are all shades of Orange.

There is never a dull thread in their closet and nothing is “Extra” for them. Call them “Fancy” but there is no denying that they rock in whatever they wear. Leos are mostly specific when it comes to accessorizing and wouldn’t step out without their Handbag, Watch and Glares (And this includes Grocery shopping from the street market). You will find their organizing skills pretty obvious in the choice of attire for every occasion. Right from a Sunday brunch with friends to an All Glam up Cocktail Party, Client meetings in the office to Parents-Teachers Meet at their kids school, they have a separate section in the closet for all the events of life.

Leos literally have 16798 moods which are personified and hanging in their closet.

hasta la proxima vez. Adios


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