Best Friend

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this” she said after a long pause with a smile and looked into his eyes, which were now calm and teary.

He knew somewhere deep down his heart was longing to hear those words from her, to see the smile playing tricks on her lips. He knew, he could count on her for she has always been there for him.

How can he forget they were in Class 5, when he had forgot the homework at home, she had deliberately denied doing it, only to accompany him outside the class. Some year later, when he was bullied by other boys for being best friends with a girl, it was her who stood up against them. In college, when he was going through that terrible heartbreak, she was there for him, consoling and reminding constantly how she was right in judging the girl and he is an idiot.

In the times when he was broke, had issues with office colleagues, became a victim of office politics, she was the one he would call to ramble.

Isn’t that what Best Friends are for. Standing with one another, listening to the problems even when they can’t provide the solution.

She was his best friend since childhood.

And now, twenty year later, when he is ready to take the biggest step of his life, investing all his savings and assets in a dream he believed in, to be an entrepreneur and give shape to his idea. He is shaking out of anxiety.

What if he loses everything, and is forced to start from the scratch again. How will he be able to fulfill his responsibilities.

He knew there is only one person he can turn to, the one who has always given him strength to get up and fight back against School bullies, Office politics and very own fear of losing.

The one who has been his Best Friend till day, HIS WIFE.


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